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Hear what Teresa loves about working with Shelley:

Before Shelley's coaching I hated my job but didn't know what else to do.
I felt overwhelmed by everyday things, always second-guessing my decisions. I felt stuck and didn't know how to get unstuck. Fear was holding me back. I was lonely, very unhappy, and I cried a lot.

I have been to several counsellors and tried all kinds of therapies over the years but this was different. Shelley really cuts through the crap. Shelley's coaching addresses your whole person. Shelley will not give up on you! And then at some point the fog lifted and things became clearer.
I discovered my job is perfectly suited to me! I'm making decisions, meeting people, and enjoying life so much more. I highly recommend Shelley's coaching to any woman who wants to change her life. It's not a magic pill – it takes effort, time, and honesty. But it's so worth it!

Teresa Lowe-Hodges

We could all use a little help sometimes & that's what these 50-minute breakthrough calls are all about.

So what do we do together during that time? It's simple, really. We work through a core challenge
you've identified in your pre-call questionnaire and we create a plan for you to shift it.

Sounds easy enough, right? Here's the step-by-step breakdown:

The Pre-Call Questionnaire

When you sign up for the call you'll have a short questionnaire to answer before we're on your call. 

This is designed to help you get clear on the challenge you're hoping to shift, make sure you complete this in advance so we're making the best use of your 50-minutes.

The 50-Minute Breakthrough Call

This is where the magic happens! When we get together on our Zoom call, we'll get right into working on the challenge you've identified.

This will also help us get acquainted in the event you'd like to work with me on a longer-term basis.


Oh! And here's where I should mention that if you book a coaching bundle with me after your call - your $49 will be refunded!
Think of it as a little "Thank You" gift for making the choice to invest in yourself.

What our clients love about working with Shelley:


Shelley works by asking the right questions at the right time which, upon reflection, brings tremendous insight. Shelley is able to uncover a person's strengths and positive emotions which gently refocuses them away from their negative thinking patterns resulting in a much more positive focus.

Barb Cahill

/ CYC Supervisor & Manager


Working with Shelley has had a profound impact on my physical and mental health! I have struggled with my weight since childhood and attempts to lose weight had left me feeling like a failure. After gaining a lot of weight in 2020, I knew I needed help. Shelley’s coaching helped me identify and release limiting beliefs (that I was completely unaware of) about myself and my relationship with food.

This newfound awareness is really helping me to love myself and to make my physical health and mental wellbeing a priority. It now seems that I am releasing the weight almost effortlessly and I am becoming fitter and healthier every day.

I am so very grateful for Shelley’s knowledge and compassion and for being a guide on this journey! Making the decision to invest in myself has paved the way for what I truly believe will be the best years of my life!

Karen Kehler

/ Bookkeeper & Entrepreneur


I have experienced and witnessed Shelley’s abilities to: bring out people’s strengths and insights; then guide them to find their own solutions; ask just the right questions including to challenge thinking (in a supportive way); be extremely affirming; coach to establish an alternative way of viewing self and the world; as well as practice strong professional and personal ethics. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a coach.

Janice Walker

/ Professor


Shelley is a true professional, she strives to make a difference. She listens but doesn't judge, she has the ability to restore confidence in a person when at times we self doubt. Her passion shines through, hardworking, kind, caring her smile can light up a room. She deserves continued success and I for one am excited at watching and learning more. Oh and for the record I'm based in the UK and yet her coaching and spirit has made a difference to me personally, which proves that distance doesn't matter the impact an individual can have on you has no boundaries.

Tracey Cahill

/ Client


Working with Shelley has helped me discover things about myself that I didn’t know existed. I have discovered my superpowers, my core values and re-discovered my life goals. I had let go of some important life goals long ago, as I thought they were not possible. Some were buried so deep, I didn’t even know they existed.

Shelley has helped me realize that nothing is impossible and living the life I want is possible! We don’t have to live each day like Groundhog Day… it can be filled with vitality!
Living in line with your core values, activating your superpowers and mapping out your life goals are the key to an amazing and beautiful life. I am now on the path to living the life I want for me and for my family!
Thank you Shelley!

Laura Butler-Black

/ Client


Before working with Shelley, I had a lot of fear which kept me from the life I wanted to be living. I went to Shelley with the goals of having great mental and physical health, a meaningful relationship and having the confidence to travel on my own. After working with Shelley I now know that all of these are not only possible but I am making them happen! Even my physical health has improved! I now believe that absolutely anything is possible and I am no longer limited by my past fears.

Bar none, this program is the BEST investment I have ever made in myself and after all of the amazing breakthroughs I have experienced, I am expecting to live an extraordinary life. I can't thank Shelley enough. She literally changed my life!

Melissa Newton

/ Retired Small Business Owner

Frequently asked questions

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What's the difference between life coaching and therapy?

The major difference between life coaching and therapy is the focus of the work. Therapy is designed to focus on mental health and emotional healing. Life coaching, while it may touch on thoughts or beliefs influenced by your mental health or current state of emotional healing, primarily focuses on setting and achieving goals.

How much does coaching cost?

The cost of coaching varies from individual to individual depending on your goals. Here at Shelley Wallace Life Coaching we start out with what we affectionately call our "challenge buster" package.

It's 3-hours of dedicated 1-on-1 coaching that will be offered to you after your initial breakthrough call, and it's designed to help you have a major breakthrough.

After this initial experience of coaching whether you commit to another challenge buster, opt to do one of my 6-week group coaching programs, or want to book a longer set of 1-on-1 sessions is up to you.

The challenge buster typically starts at $749, but there's a special discount for anyone who books an initial breakthrough call.


You deserve to live a life you're excited about - so let's get started already!

I can't wait to help you breakthrough whatever's standing in between you and your goal, and clearly if you've made it this far on this page - you're ready to experience a bit of relief too. 

What's more - if you book a coaching bundle after
your breakthrough call, the $49 you've paid for the call
will be refunded!

Let's get you into alignment so that instead of just dreaming about your best life, you can start actually living it!

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About Shelley

Life Coach & Mentor

With over 25 years of coaching and counselling experience, I've learned a few things about what it means to live your best life. For me it was about learning to love and honour myself by creating new empowering beliefs and behaviours that allowed me to heal from the past and embrace the future. Before launching my own business I was living very a different life. I've got a beautiful family, a husband I adore, and had a job I thought I wanted... the trouble was I found it increasing hard to get out of bed in the morning, and I didn't know why. Sound familiar?

That pit in your stomach as you go about your daily life isn't you being ungrateful. That discontentment is just your body's way of telling you that something in your life is out of alignment. Whether it's your job, your relationship, your finances, your health, or something else, the fastest way to feel better is to get back into alignment with the things you really want.

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