You have the power

To transform your stress into greater energy, focus and happiness...

... Even if you are emotionally exhausted from pretending and performing in all of the roles you are currently juggling. 

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It goes without saying that you've done pretty well for yourself until this point...

The thing is, while that's true, there's something missing, right?

Maybe it's nothing huge - it's just that you wake up every morning feeling less and less excited to start your day,or that you've spent most of your life doing what's expected of you instead of doing what lights you up.

Maybe you're in the middle of a transition that feels foreign and disconnected from where you'd always thought you'd be by now, or a health challenge has you trying to find some peace while you navigate and adapt to your new reality.

Whatever brought you here, it's okay to want a little help moving through it.

In fact, who wouldn't? If there's one thing I think everyone could use a little more of it's supportive community.


Watch this quick video to hear what you can get out of the life coaching process.

A recent interview on CJBQ

Listen to my Weekend Magazine interview about the science of happiness with Mariam Serkal.

Some highlights from our interview:

  • Happiness is a feeling of well-being or contentment with life - which is our 'factory default' setting that we are born with.
  • We can access this natural state of happiness when we stop looking outside of ourselves.
  • Many of the thoughts that you think about who you are, and what you're capable of, are not true.

Real Success Stories

As a trainer and teacher, Shelley was well prepared with evidence based and highly engaging materials in her courses. She provided leadership, direction, guidance and support for participants. She provided real life examples to enhance our learning.

Shelley is a dynamic communicator and presenter in her well designed workshops.

Anthony Di Lena

Managing Director and Co-Founder, Di Lena Educational Consulting Inc.

Working with Shelley has helped me discover things about myself that I didn’t know existed. I have discovered my superpowers, my core values and re-discovered my life goals. I had let go of some important life goals long ago, as I thought they were not possible. Some were buried so deep, I didn’t even know they existed. Shelley has helped me realize that nothing is impossible and living the life I want is possible! We don’t have to live each day like Groundhog can be filled with vitality!

Living in line with your core values, activating your superpowers and mapping out your life goals are the key to an amazing and beautiful life. I am now on the path to living the life I want for me and for my family!
Thank you Shelley!

Laura Butler-Black

Coaching Client, Toronto, ON

Shelley does an excellent job engaging the group and keeping on task while individualizing discussions as needed.

Shelley is very open and non-judgemental. She helps you recognize what is important to you and where you want to go in your life!

Margo Russell-Bird

Workshop Participant

That's what Shelley Wallace Life Coaching is all about:



My coaching gives you new tools and strategies to craft YOUR BEST LIFE on YOUR TERMS.

What you create as you learn them is always up to you.



Creating a community in-person and online where women are heard, valued, and supported.

At our workshops, retreats, and social events you'll always feel embraced & welcome.



Nothing changes if nothing changes, right? It's not just a saying. It's #facts.

Your life is the biggest creation you'll ever make, and "the work" is what helps you make sure you're intentional about that creation.



I know we all love a good IG filter, but while filters can hide all the flaws you perceive about yourself, they're also pretty great at feeding insecurities and imposter syndrome.

The only way to break that is to embrace your truth.


Hey, I'm Shelley.

With over 25 years of coaching and counselling experience, I've learned a few things about what it means to live your best life.

For me it was about finding balance. Before launching my own business I was living very a different life. I've got a beautiful family, a partner I adore, and had a job I thought I wanted... the trouble was I was finding it increasingly difficult to get out of bed in the morning, and I didn't know why.

Sound familiar? It should. We've all been there.

That pit in your stomach as you go about your daily life isn't you being ungrateful. That discontentment is just your body's way of showing you that something in your life is out of alignment. 

Whether it's your job, your relationship, your finances, your health, or something else, the fastest way to feel better is to get back into alignment with the things you really want.

Wondering how you'll do that? I can help.

I offer 1-on-1 coaching, monthly workshops, social events for my Social Club members, and a pretty awesome FREE 5-Day course named 5 Vital Steps to Living Your Best Life. With life coaching, the possibilities are endless.

Simply choose how you'd like to show up and receive guidance, and I'll be here with something custom designed just for you to help you make a breakthrough.

Talk soon!

Shelley Wallace; B.S.Sc., 

Owner & Founder

Certified Practitioner in Positive Psychology

What do I offer here?

LIFE Coaching services without all the FLUFF.

What does that mean, exactly?  Easily actionable coaching for everyday women committed to living their very best lives.

In-Person Workshops & Retreats

I host in-person and online workshops and retreats throughout the Bay of Quinte, Prince Edward County, and Kingston areas.

These workshops are designed to help you embody the 5 VITAL Steps for Living Your Best Life!

Equal parts educational, social, and in-depth breakthrough session, these events leave you feeling uplifted, re-energized, and clear on exactly what you want to create in your life.

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The fastest path toward lasting change with life coaching is empowered accountability.

After all, the only person with the power to create the life you've always dreamed of is YOU. No one else can do it for you.

That said, most of what I do here is assist you through achieving personal breakthroughs.

The end goal? For you to create the lifestyle, career, and/or business that best caters to your core desires.

What's empowered accountability?

Simply put, it's the firm-but-supportive way I've built my coaching practice to help you breakthrough your limiting beliefs.

It starts with helping you see how you create your reality, and guiding you to discover which limiting beliefs are holding you back.

How are you so sure the change will be lasting?

It's backed by science. All of the coaching I do here is based on Positive Psychology and uses Neurolinguistic Programming techniques (NLP).

These methodologies have been around a long time and are proven to help you make lasting change.

Is there an online course?

I'm putting the final touches on a course specifically designed to help you transform your life. 

It comes with 6 hours of group coaching content, and your option to book a 1/2-hour Breakthrough Call with me to help you make lasting change.

Have questions? Get in touch:

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